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  • how to dispose of an old bathroom scale


    Getting rid of electronic products, such as old-fashioned TVs, computers, and mobile phones, may seem tricky, but there are actually several ways to deal with them. Many older bathroom scales are still valuable and can be donated or recycled, if not, there are many options to discard them. Read More

  • how to activate a body fat scale


    The body fat scale launched by Sainty Group is not only high in appearance, but also relatively powerful. It collects a large number of human samples, builds it based on big data, and then optimizes it by algorithm. It is highly accurate and scientific. Read More

  • how do smart scale measure body fat


    The research found that: when a certain frequency electrical signal passes through the human body, the fat part has a higher "impedance" value than muscle and other tissues of the human body. Read More

  • how do body fat scales work


    If you exercise regularly, choose healthy foods and do not see weight scale fluctuations, then it may be time to assess your body fat percentage. When you are trying to lose weight, measuring body fat is as important as measuring your overall weight, Read More

  • can you use food thermometer on humans


    Can you detect the symptoms of coronavirus? If you have a fever, you may be infected with the virus. Checking the body temperature every day is the only way to monitor health. Can the food thermometer be used to measure whether the human body has a fever? Read More

  • are there any benefits to a body fat scale


    The body fat scale can also be called a body fat measuring instrument. It can measure the body fat percentage, body water percentage, visceral fat grade and other data. The body's fat and water must reach a balanced state in order to have a healthy body. Read More

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