how to dispose of an old bathroom scale
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how to dispose of an old bathroom scale

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how to dispose of an old bathroom scale

Getting rid of electronic products, such as old-fashioned TVs, computers, and mobile phones, may seem tricky, but there are actually several ways to deal with them. Many older bathroom scales are still valuable and can be donated or recycled, if not, there are many options to discard them. Use this guide to learn how to responsibly dispose of the used bathroom scale.


Disposal options for used bathroom scale

Consider the method of recycling waste bathroom scale

Method for processing and disposing of used bathroom scale


Disposal options for used bathroom scale

Want to get rid of a bunch of old bathroom scales? If your items cannot be recycled, there are several convenient ways to dispose of them. After preparing the bathroom scale equipment, choose one of the following options to get rid of them safely:


Rent a garbage station

If you want to dispose of the old bathroom scale in a larger household cleaning, renting a trash can is an economical way to remove everything at once. You can quickly clean up the old bathroom scale, used furniture and broken trinkets without worrying about dragging the bathroom scale to a separate collection location.


Check with your curbside collection service

If you only need to clear some bathroom scales, you can put them in a trash can or curb for collection. However, due to the hazardous substances contained in it, some cities prohibit the removal of the bathroom scale from the regional landfill. Double check the rules of your location.


Find local household hazardous waste facilities

If you cannot collect roadside rubbish nearby and you do not have enough rubbish to rent a rubbish bin, then you may want to know where you can dispose of the bathroom scale. The best place to put down the bathroom scale is your local household hazardous waste disposal facility, where it will be safely disassembled for disposal. Some facilities serve various cities, while others operate at the county level. Please contact the public works department of your city, or look for household hazardous waste facilities near you.


Consider the method of recycling waste bathroom scale

1. Find a repurchase or trade-in plan

If you plan to upgrade the bathroom scale, please contact the manufacturer or retailer to find out if they offer a discount or trade-in option to return the old model.

2. Research retailer recycling programs

Call ahead to make sure that a location near you is accepting your bathroom scale and plan to exchange it so that you can recycle your phone and rechargeable battery by throwing it away.


3. Visit local e-waste collection activities

Municipal authorities often hold events to help residents to responsibly eliminate old electronic products. Call the service department of your city to find out if there are events to be held near you. Make sure to ask what type of products are accepted and where to place your bathroom scale for recycling.


4. Find a local electronics recycler

Some recycling facilities specialize in electronics. Use the locator to find a center near you that can accept the used bathroom scale.


5. Sell your old bathroom scale

If your bathroom scale is still valuable, make a plan to sell it yourself instead of throwing it away. Sites such as Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, and eBay allow you to list items for sale for others to bid on, so you can easily get rid of items without having to send them to a landfill.


Method for processing and disposing of used bathroom scale

There are mainly chemical treatment methods, fire methods, mechanical treatment methods, electrochemical methods or a combination of several methods, as follows:

1. Chemical treatment

The chemical treatment of electronic waste is also called wet treatment. The broken bathroom scale particles are put into acidic or alkaline liquid, and the leachate is then subjected to a series of processes such as extraction, precipitation, replacement, ion exchange, filtration, and distillation. Get high-grade metal.


2. Fire treatment

It is a method of incineration, smelting, sintering, melting, etc. of the bathroom scale to remove plastics and other organic components to enrich metals. Fire treatment can also cause serious damage to the environment. From the perspective of resource recovery and ecological environment protection, these methods are difficult to promote.


3. Mechanical treatment

The mechanical treatment of bathroom scale is a method of sorting using the difference in physical properties between the components, including disassembly, crushing, sorting and other steps. After sorting, the materials after the sorting treatment can be processed to obtain metal, plastic, glass, etc. Renewable raw materials. This treatment method has the advantages of low cost, simple operation, not easy to cause secondary pollution, and easy to achieve large-scale, which is a hot spot for development in various countries.


In summary, for the disposal of the used bathroom scale, we can take the bathroom scale to the recycling company and call to confirm the accepted items, time and cost. Pay attention to quality control and check whether the parts used to make the scale are defective. All defective parts that can be salvaged will be removed and reused. The severely damaged parts will be discarded or recycled.


Before disposing of the bathroom scale, the staff will check the calibration of the scale based on the known weight. Generally, the scale should be able to detect a weight within 0.25 pounds (0.12 kg), evaluate the quality of any excess or defective parts, and then reuse or discard the bathroom scale. 


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