how to activate a body fat scale
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how to activate a body fat scale

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how to activate a body fat scale

The body fat scale launched by Sainty Group is not only high in appearance, but also relatively powerful. It collects a large number of human samples, builds it based on big data, and then optimizes it by algorithm. It is highly accurate and scientific. Let's take a look at how to activate the body fat scale with me.


Instructions for use of body fat scale.

Why do I need to activate the body fat scale?

How to activate the body fat scale?


Instructions for use of body fat scale.

A good body fat scale can include statistical analysis of health. It also has its large LED/LCD display, which makes it easier to read the body fat scale somewhere. For people with poor eyesight, this body fat scale may be a great benefit. The LED/LCD display is actually very good, only showing numbers. This means that you can set the body fat scale more conveniently. If you desire to always brush your teeth for two minutes or need motivation to leave the shower, isn't it better and faster?

Install the smart body fat scale app and open body fat scale;

Select body fat scale-select the body fat scale model to pair (turn on the Bluetooth of the mobile phone and the power of the body fat scale).

Activate the body fat scale: Lightly step on the body fat scale with one foot, and it will activate when the screen lights up.

Open the APP for related binding work.


Why do I need to activate the body fat scale?

The modern body fat scale is more helpful to change people's perception of health. By adopting this new measurement technology, you can learn more about your body, not just because of your weight gain or loss. By collecting data on your weight, fat percentage, bones and water mass through the body fat scale, you can see how your efforts have been rewarded over time and understand what evidence is useful for you, no matter good or bad, body fat scale Both allow you to see the state of your body.


The intelligent body fat scale makes it easier for you to accept the new health system. By measuring you can set up your smartphone to send you reminders to eat more or eat less! Encourage you and stay motivated, combined with a little determination, and you will be surprised at what the latest fitness technology can help you achieve.

How to activate the body fat scale?

Like many others in the test, the body fat scale measures body weight, BMI, fat percentage, muscle and bone mass, and body fluid composition.

In the first step, we need to unpack the purchased body fat scale, install the battery according to the instructions, and confirm that the electronic scale can be turned on normally.

The second step is to turn on the bluetooth of the mobile phone, because the body fat scale communicates with the mobile APP through bluetooth. Therefore, you need to turn on the bluetooth of the mobile phone before connecting, and put the mobile phone close to the electronic scale at the same time.

The third step, in the mobile health management APP, after registering and logging in, click the discovery button, and the mobile phone will automatically scan for nearby body fat scale devices via Bluetooth.

Finally, after the mobile phone and the smart body fat scale are bound, we can synchronize the body fat scale data to the mobile app, perform synchronization analysis, and give you corresponding exercise suggestions. 


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