What you have to know about bathroom scales?
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What you have to know about bathroom scales?

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What you have to know about bathroom scales?

The bathroom scaleis necessary for weight loss. The bathroom scale is essential to track your weight loss. If you want to clearly understand your own weight loss, you need to rely on the accuracy of the bathroom scale. Please follow some simple steps to check the accuracy of the bathroom scale.


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Why is a bathroom scale's accuracy important?

How to test the accuracy of the bathroom scale?

Notice about using bathroom scales


Why Is A Bathroom Scale's Accuracy Important?

The accuracy of the bathroom scale is very important for weight loss. Accurate scales can also reflect the results of weight loss by telling you how many pounds you have lost. So, the importance of bathroom scales'accuracy is self-evident.

Given the importance of bathroom scales, it is necessary to keep scales accurate.


How to Test the Accuracy of the Scale?

1. Weigh a familiar object. One way to check the accuracy of the bathroom scale is to test objects whose weight you already know. It needs to be large enough to be registered on your bathroom scale, but small enough to be carried on the scale. Try to use new unopened bags of flour or sugar usually 5 to 10 lbs.


2. Reweigh an object several times. Another way the bathroom scale may be inaccurate is to weigh the same one for multiple times. Take an object whose weight you know, such as a manual weight or a bag of sugar. Put it on the scale and pay attention to the weight. Remove the object and return the scale to zero. Place the object on the bathroom scale again. Pay attention to the weight again. Repeat at least five times to ensure that the results of bathroom scale are same.


3. Weigh two different objects together. First, place an object on the bathroom scale and remember its weight. Remove it and then level the bathroom scale.  Second, so the same operation to the another object. Third, place the two objects on the bathroom scale and pay attention to the total weight. Add the weight of the object together and see if it matches the weight the scale tells you.


Notice about Using Bathroom Scales

Bathroom scales will detect movement and will not stop providing inaccurate results every time. Second, you should pay attention to the maximum weight capacity so as not to exceed the required weight. Exceeding it will lead to false and inaccurate readings.


Replace the battery. You may cause the salt scale to malfunction without knowing that the battery needs to be replaced. You should check the batteries and replace them with new ones to continue using the Scale. If all the above operations have been completed but the device still displays wrong results, Please give it to an expert for repair. 


To get accurate results and even avoid uncertainties, users must know how to use bathroom scales correctly. Sainty Group is committed to offer quality bathroom scales, kitchen scales, smart scales and other scales. If you are interested in them, please contact us.


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