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​Information about bathroom scale

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​Information about bathroom scale

Bathroom scales are often used in daily life, but we occasionally find that there are some small errors in weighing, so how can we measure more accurately?


How to make bathroom scale readings as accurate as possible?

Warm tips

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How to make bathroom scale readings as accurate as possible?

If you want to make the bathroom scale readings as accurate as possible, please refer to the following tips:

1.Make sure the scale is level and on a hard surface

2.Allow your digital bathroom scale to calibrate itself. Check the correct procedure in the user manual, but this usually means applying pressure and waiting until you see "0.0" before measuring your weight.

3.Weigh yourself at the same time of the day, preferably in the morning before eating or drinking water.

4.Do not shower or swim immediately before weighing yourself. Our skin has absorbed enough moisture, which may bias the results.

5.The key is consistency. it can still track your progress of weight loss. By placing the bathroom scale in the same position and weighing at the same time of the day, you can confidently and accurately record your progress.


For those who have a strong interest in measurement, it is obvious that the operator/user of the bathroom scale will introduce measurement uncertainties. It is best to minimize these uncertainties to obtain consistent and accurate results. Operator uncertainty is always a worrying issue and a factor in measurement uncertainties. With our well-trained technicians and by the best measurement practices, we can minimize uncertainties. Sainty Group has passed the ISO 17025 quality standard certification of the calibration laboratory, so we will regularly audit the measurement uncertainty.


Warm Tips

Each scale of the bathroom scale has an allowable uncertainty range. If you are looking for a new bathroom scale, and the accuracy is very important to you, be sure to study the tolerance limits of the selected brand. There is no industry standard for the bathroom scale, and brands do have different tolerance ranges.


The life of the bathroom scale may not affect its accuracy. The BMC public health research project "Accuracy and Consistency of Weights Provided by Household Bathroom Scales" studied the accuracy of 67 types of scales and found that the age of digital scales has no significant impact on its accuracy. Unless a old scale is broken, dropped or treated badly for a long time, you can continue using it because quality scales can work normally for many years.


Regardless of the brand, all digital bathroom scale are quite accurate. If you just want to track your weight, you don't need to buy the most expensive scale on the market. The authors of the BMC Public Health Study did not notice any significant differences in the accuracy of digital scale-based brands. Of course, higher-priced brands tend to be more accurate and usually have other features.


Words in the End

Numbers are not the only measure of beauty or self-worth, but having a tool to measure our progress is nice. Since most of us want to lose weight, using bathroom scales becomes our progress assessment. Sainty Group is committed to offer quality bathroom scales, and if you are interested in them, please contact us.


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