Are body fat scales accurate?
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Are body fat scales accurate?

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Are body fat scales accurate?

If you exercise regularly, choose healthy foods and do not see fluctuations on your weight scale, then it may be time to assess your body fat percentage. Although these are not the only ways to determine a healthy weight, measuring body fat can help you determine if weight loss is working. If you don't want to lose weight, body fat scales can still help you determine whether your fat to muscle ratio is healthy. Body fat scales are not absolutely safe, but they are just some options for measuring body fat between visits by your doctor or personal trainer.


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Are body fat scales accurate?

How does body fat scales work accurately?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of body fat scales?


Are body fat scales accurate?

Generally, body fat scales can only provide rough estimates. Although safe to use, there are many variables that can affect your results. These include:

Your gender. Women naturally have more body fat than men.

Where you store fat in your body.

Pregnancy. It is not recommended to use these scales during pregnancy.

Your age. These scales are not suitable for children.

Your height and figure.

Regular endurance and resistance training.


How does body fat scales work accurately?

Body fat scales are easy to use, you only need to step on body fat scales, the tool can measure your weight and estimated fat percentage. Body fat scales can work with the help of sensors that use bioimpedance under the feet. When you step on the body fat scales, a small current flows through your legs and through the pelvis, thereby measuring the resistance to body fat.


The sensor in the body fat scales then measures the level of resistance encountered when the current flows back to the other leg. This information can be linked to your smartphone or smart watch, and any fitness apps you may have, depending on the type of body fat scales you have. According to experience, higher body resistance means higher fat percentage. This is because fat contains less water than muscle, so fat is denser than muscle, and electricity is difficult to pass through.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of body fat scales?

The biggest advantage of using this body fat scalesis that you can measure body fat at any time in the comfort of your home without having to go to the gym or clinic. However, these ratios are not entirely accurate. You don’t want them to be the only measure of your overall health. Another disadvantage is that the body fat scales does not consider other variables of body fat, such as where you might be.


For example, doctors tend to be more concerned with body fat that is concentrated in the center of the abdomen, as this increases your risk of certain health conditions (such as heart disease). The body fat scales can only tell you the overall percentage, not where you store potentially dangerous fat in your body. Body mass index (BMI) may be a more reliable indicator of your overall health, rather than just relying on a body fat scales. Although BMI cannot measure fat, it can provide overall information to indicate whether you are within a weight range suitable for your height and age.


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