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Want evenly cooked meatballs or evenly baked cookies? Simply weight the dough. Want to whip up pancakes or cakes without getting a million measuring cups ready? The scale is your BFF. Want to go on a diet that actually involves a dose of chocolate?  You’ll need a scale for that.Here are kitchen scale applications, bathroom scale applications, and body fat scale applications.

Want control over your vital health? Thanks to maximum weighing precision and top-level quality, the bathroom scales and smart scales by Sainty are the ideal support for a conscious lifestyle. Sainty smart scales are the perfect fitness coach. Using the BIA premium measurement method, the timeless modern scales measure individual body fat, body water and muscle mass proportions and calculates personal Body Mass Index (BMI), also tells you about your daily calorie requirements.

Kitchen scales can meet your basic food weighing needs, as well as precise measuring of nutritional value of various ingredients. From now on, you have a helpful assistant, a smart electronic kitchen scale to improve your daily diet.

Equipped with four high-precision sensors and electrodes to ensure a quick and accurate body composition analysis. Get better results with smarter scles that automatically track weight, BMI, Body fat, Muscle and Bone.This weight and body fat scale could can meet most of your needs.

A wide range of mechanical bathroom scales cover a full spectrum of innovation state of the art deigns to suit the taste of different environment settings, not only glass, but also plastics、S/S、bamboo、silicon, etc.


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